God Is Always Happy





In 2006, Venus Andrecht began a series of dialogs with nonphysical energies she eventually named "the High Beings." As her communication with these energies evolved, she was given a startling series of revelations that completely altered her understanding of the world and the nature of life and death.

These Beings comment on life's most complex issues, such as: why we suffer, past lives, death, why we came here, who we are, what happens to loved ones who've passed on, why animals suffer, the best way to live, and more. At its heart is the fundamental idea that "God is always happy," which is supported by a simple framework of related ideas that neatly account for all the vagaries of life.

As the communication bloomed into a daily dialog, Venus realized that she was indeed communicating with forms of consciousness who whose broader understanding and insight have answered, and continue to answer, her most profound questions about the nature of life. Keep reading to discover Venus's own words about how this extraordinary communication began, along with excerpts of the Beings' communication with her, taken directly from her notebooks.


Venus Writes...

May 26, Friday, 2006: I'm fixing dinner with a glass of red wine in my hand. As I step to the sink to wash a dish, I hear: "God is always happy."

"Is He now?" I think.

"And God is always glad," the inner voice says.

"Oh. Maybe I should write this down."

As I reach for a pen, I hear: "God is always happy because God is always experiencing Itself."

And so it begins.

The Ten-Sentence Framework

What unfolds over the following months is a simple, logical explanation of life: who we are, why we suffer, what we are doing here, and why. The bones of the discourse are eventually revealed to be a simple, short framework consisting of approximately ten sentences that appear to answer any question that a human being might ask. These are:

  1. God is always happy.
  2. God is always glad.
  3. God is always happy because It is always experiencing Itself.
  4. We are all God.
  5. Everything is God.
  6. God is not bad.
  7. God is not good.
  8. God simply Is.
  9. God is always the question.
  10. And God is always the answer.

The Shocking Event

What precedes this startling and unexpected communication in my life? Here are the notes from my journal.

December 22, Thursday, 2005: It's a few days before Christmas, about 5:30 in the evening, when my sister Polly calls.

"You know that surfer who went down today in the ocean? That was Michael," she says.
"Michael?! Michael died?! Michael?"

My nephew Michael. Thirty-six, a well-known champion surfer and snowboarder, with two small children, my sister Polly's son, has had a seizure in the ocean while surfing, has drowned and died. He's gone? Gone. Forever gone.

I start screaming. I'm crying. I'm sobbing, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Polly!" Before I throw the phone at my boyfriend, Bill, I hear my sister say, pensively, "Well . . . I guess you won't be able to help me make some calls."

I drop to my knees on the floor. I'm sobbing and rocking and keening. Then, I lurch to my feet and circle the room. Emotion is crushing me. I'm so desperately sorry for Polly and her husband, Ron. I'm so desperately sorry for Michael.

I have just seen the death scene on the television news. I saw the body of a surfer on the beach, shrouded by drapes of yellow canvas and surrounded by investigators and I had thought, "I wonder who's son that is? What family will be devastated, tonight?"

And, it's Michael. Our Michael!

I can't bear the thought of the loss of a child and now it's happened to my sister!

I'm aware of huge surges of emotion moving up in my body; I see it in my mind as large pink blocks of energy. The feeling that accompanies the emotion is the same feeling a woman has who is giving birth to a baby without anesthesia. When your body has to push it has to push and no one and no thing can stop the body from pushing.

As the energy blocks roll through me and upwards I screeeeeeam the energy out! Then, I'm sobbing and crying again and saying how sorry I am. Then, again comes the enormous wave and I'm screaming, screaming as I have never screamed before.

Bill is still on the phone with Polly and I notice him standing transfixed, looking at me, his eyes as round as blue coat buttons.

Over and over, wave upon wave of massive energy rolls up and through me and rips from my throat and out my mouth. It seems like forever, this sobbing, this yelling my sorrow to my sister, this screeeeeaming out this thundering uncontainable energy that is racing through me.

At some point Bill comes to me. I'm on the floor at the moment and as he peers down at me he says, "You have to pull yourself together. You have to help your sister."

"I know it," I manage to gasp. "I want to help Polly...." I'm panting. "I have to pull myself together." And, the mighty wave comes, again, and I'm struggling to my feet, beating on a door and screaming and screaming and screaming.

Finally, the uncontrollable rolling and spewing of emotional force ends. Was I lost in it, and overtaken by it, for twenty minutes or ten? It seems like hours.

I am shaking and stunned, but I am able to go to my sister's house and sit with our family in the confusion of the evening.

Living in Ecstasy

I'm puzzled. I don't know what happened to me. Bill tells me later that he has never seen anything like it. The closest he can compare it to is when his son was a toddler and had excruciating temper tantrums.

As the next weary days pass, I find that I am grieving for Michael and his children and parents. And yet, and yet . . . I am also in ecstasy. I am living in and feeling what seems to me to be the highest form of love. I feel that I am with the highest Beings in the universe. I feel that I am love, total love, as They are. My eyes often run with tears and my heart feels opened wide with a love so powerful that there is a glorious "hurt" to it.

The ecstasy persists. And, persists. For how long? Months?

Finally, I realize I simply can't live this human life as it needs to be lived and remain ecstatic and in love, like this. I can't "do" mundane, and life calls for mundane. I feel like a wraith of my former self, now that I am a walking ecstatic being who is expected to cook meals, earn money, spend money, talk rationally on the phone, and change my clothes. I decide I have to amp this love down to a working level, and I do.

But, coming down is easier than going back up.

Still, when I want to, I find that I can recapture the ecstasy, but as the world turns in my life, I find I "rest in love" less and less.

Back to "Real" Life

I'm thinking a lot, now. I'm thinking how I've studied so many religions and spiritual teachings. I have always found myself able to accept much, but, inevitably, clunkers are thrown into the mush. Clunkers, in my mind, are either outrageous lies or well-meant fantasies, strewn in among the truths. Or, they are just plain mental aberrations on the part of the people who started these ways of thinking or of the people later on who kept repeating these philosophies.

I am annoyed. I become quite ill with colds, flus, and infections that stay and plague me. One night, in the middle of the night, while having an especially bad flu of some sort, I find myself thinking, "Maybe whatever this is will kill me." Forgotten are my former ecstatic high and my time with the high Beings. I'm in a panic. I grab the mental air for some kind of spiritual thought or a religion that will hold me up. I run through the list.

Alarmingly, I can only recall the parts that disturbed me—what I felt were the silly pronouncements and the rules that disgusted me and the seemingly purely made up or delusional beliefs mixed in among what I felt were logical and reasonable truths. "As soon as I get well," I think, "If I get well, I am going to have to find something I can believe in. I must."

Searching for the Truth

Once again, I begin paging through the various religions and kinds of spiritual thinking, hoping to find something that is even close enough to what I think might be logical and right. I'm willing to compromise. But, once again, because of their complexity and dictates, I give them all up in disgust and despair.

"It must be simple," I think. "Surely, the answers to this life, to God, to everything, are very simple." I am sure of it. "Please tell me," I beg the Universe, "tell me simple."

And so, in May of 2006, it begins, on a Friday night, while attempting to wash a dish with a glass of red wine in my hand.

Within several months, I realize I am being given a simple framework upon which I feel any question ever asked, can be answered.




God delights in the human. God delights in the nonhuman. God delights in all emotions, moods, and feelings. God is always happy, even when It is experiencing sad or lonely. God is always happy because It is always experiencing Itself.

You can't ask "Why Me?" about Your "past" or "present," because the answer is "I am God, happy and glad and choosing this experience."

God is the mighty force in every leaf and stone, in every particle of air, in you and me and all sentient Beings. God experiences all life offers. As God, You/It can manifest whatever, at will.

Being evolved or enlightened is when You, knowing You are God, simply watch and note the events unfolding in Your life, instead of becoming enmeshed in the storyline as God Unaware, does. God Unaware is experiencing Itself. God Aware is watching Its dramas, watching what It came to experience.

All negative emotions are God Unaware of Itself. Because once God is aware of Itself, God is love. Love is the greatest force.

When You help one another You are acting as the highest vibration of God, which God IS. When You "die," You are still God. God is having another experience when It is "dead." It is still aware of Itself, always aware of Its many facets, aware of Its individual yet component parts, which It may think of as "You."

God is everyone and everything that ever "lived" and as everyone and thing that did not "live": "In my Father's house are many mansions."

Look around You, You see many now, one in the bird You just heard singing, one in the gray cat nestled under Your head as You lie in bed. God is in all vibrations, God plays hide and seek with Itself. As the higher vibrations, God stands more in the open, more aware.

When a person (as God) "kills" something, It simply changes Its form. God "tortures" and "kills" for Its own amusement in a sense, for Its own wonderment. It loves and procreates and performs good works for the same reason. It is all the same and it is all "good" because it is all God, playing with and experiencing Itself.

And Who are You speaking to me? I am God as You are, we are all One, right?

God chooses All and God is You.

I was trying to push communication with You, yesterday, and it didn't work.

Pushing anything rarely works, if at all, in the larger sense. Follow the Waves, the rhythm inherent in Our Universe. You can feel Them, if You will. Try it.

You are always rushing. Rushing to what?

Pushing something to make it work (as yesterday) is not the way. Remember how it felt?

Like I was pushing against a wall; frustrated. Time wasted.

Yes, indeed; go with the Flow, the Wave of Being, of the Universe.


My daughter is fascinated with You and she has more questions. She asks, "Does the Universe seek balance in experience with karma? Or, did we just make karma up?"

There is a balance in the Universe. The Yin and Yang. God seeks to stabilize. Karma is God balancing Itself. Its experiences. Yes, you can call it karma, if you wish. It is like two buckets on a pole across the shoulders. To balance, the water must be equal in each bucket.

So, yes, let us say one aspect of God tips one way in one of Its expressions (lives), thus It must tip another way in another life expression. There are many lives at once and much tipping and balancing. You would call it, perhaps, good and bad.

When someone kills another, then one must birth another. When someone does something hateful to another, than another expression of God must do a loving act.

Sometimes it appears that "evil" or "bad" is winning; sometimes it appears that "good" is predominant. But, always, the balance comes in. At some time, the balance comes in. Waves of so-called evil, bring waves of so-called good. And waves of so-called good, bring waves of so-called evil. Your earth history will show this, but not easily as your records tend, for amusement, to record the evil. And, also, much and many earth records have been lost and misplaced.


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